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At Budget IID LLC, we are dedicated to providing the best NHTSA-approved interlock devices possible while maintaining world-class customer service. Count on our premier ignition interlock company in Phoenix, AZ, to deliver easy-to-use interlock solutions and outstanding customer care support.

About Our Affordable Interlock Device

People charged with driving under the influence (DUI) can get their driver’s license revoked. The most common first step to reinstate it is installing a certified interlock device on your vehicle. This is where a dependable ignition interlock company like Budget IID LLC comes in. We carry some of the most technologically advanced and budget-friendly NHTSA-approved interlock devices on the market.


Our products don’t require repeated breath checks or tune humming — users can just blow into it and await results. This hassle-free feature, combined with an affordable price, makes our NHTSA-approved interlock devices stand out from similar products on the market.

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