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Ignition Interlock Installation in Roseville, CA

Budget IID LLC is a trusted name in ignition interlock installation in Roseville, CA. Our company is committed to ensuring motorist safety while reducing driving while impaired (DWI) repeat offenses.

Affordable Ignition Interlock Devices

We take pride in using the latest ignition interlock device (IID) technology for improved reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. You can count on our IIDs to provide prompt, accurate results to help you get back on the road faster and stay safe while driving.

Our team has extensive experience installing, maintaining, and calibrating IIDs. In addition, you can find several ignition interlock device installation locations in and around Roseville, CA.

NHTSA-Approved Interlock Devices

Budget IID LLC’s NHTSA-approved interlock devices are compact, discreet, and user-friendly to ensure your drive is as hassle-free as possible. We provide guaranteed same-day installation, handled by one of our certified and highly trained technicians.

Contact our company today or use our convenient No-Call Install scheduler to make an ignition interlock installation appointment. In addition to Roseville, CA, we have service centers in Avondale and Phoenix, AZ. You can also call us for more information about how to use our innovative device as a breathalyzer to eliminate false positives.

Feel free to read our frequently asked questions to learn the essentials about our IIDs.

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